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Emoluments Suit vs. Trump Personal Too 02/24 10:40

   WASHINGTON (AP) -- Attorneys general of Maryland and the District of 
Columbia have expanded their lawsuit accusing President Donald Trump of 
accepting gifts from foreign and state governments, suing him not only as 
president but in his personal capacity as a businessman.

   Legal experts say Friday's move takes the "emoluments" clause of the 
Constitution into uncharted legal waters, since it has been interpreted as only 
applying to presidents in their official capacity.

   The lawsuit, filed in federal court in Maryland, is one of several 
challenging Trump's ties to his business ventures and his refusal to divest 
from them. The suits allege that foreign governments' use of Trump's hotels and 
other properties violates the Constitution's emoluments clause, which bans the 
president's acceptance of foreign gifts and money without Congress' permission.


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